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Under the huge impact of global pandemic of novel coronavirus (Covid-19), every day, we are witnessing the growing confirmed cases and death toll with heartbreak. Till March 31, 2020, in the world, there are 856505 confirmed, 177023 recovered 42089 death cases. We are frightened by such figures. However, behind all those number are the stories. In most reports, we are watching or listening the numbers instead of the stories. Coronavirus doesn’t care about your economic, racial or social background, it spreads to any human groups. However, different people have dissimilar personal experience towards coronavirus. That is why I want to build this website to offer everyone the free platform to share their stories about coronavirus in order to deal with the global pandemic together.

By doing so, not only the people from all walks of life are able to share their stories, but also it provides people with the community to find sense of belongs and communicate with the hopes and strategies. Recently, in the whole world, more and more people are practicing the social distancing and changing their established lifestyles. It can either prevent infections or have unintended repercussions like and mental and psychological impacts. During the tough time, more and more family are losing their loved ones and some of them even can’t see their loved ones for the last time. In order to deal with the frightening and painful experience of bereavement, many people choose to seek help by participating the Bereavement Support Groups to share the pains, depressions and negative emotions. However, for current situations, it is becoming impossible. Those people who are living in the poor countries with substandard medical care and hygiene situations as well as indigenous people are facing more cruel challenges. The patients recovering from coronavirus and the health workers fighting in the frontline are also having lots of stories to tell. According to study, story sharing is powerful and has tremendous benefits including increasing self-esteem, strengthening sense of identity, boosting wellbeing, making connections, etc.

I hope this forum is able to be the hub for the people around the world to share their stories, concerns, loves as well as the strategies to tackle with the situation caused by coronavirus. Story sharing matters!

WOW, I accidently found this forum. This is great. I really appreciate the idea to build this website to share the stories regarding coronavirus. I'm hoping more people can be part of these communities. I totally agree with the thing mentined above. He is a scholar with social conscience. And story sharing make a big difference. Thanks for all your efforts to build this website.

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